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The harmful effects of Overseas #SEO services

We’ve all seen them – the continuous slog of emails from SEO agencies from far and wide… (“Greetings of the day!”) Some of us have even used them – and until a few years ago, the services provided were effective and budget friendly. Today, though,

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How much should you pay for SEO?

How much should you pay for SEO? The SEO industry is unregulated, which means you get different levels of service, different levels of results and different levels of rates. SEO Copywriter UK work off low overheads (and we are not greedy!), meaning we can offer great

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What is unique content – and how do you produce it?

One of the criteria on which Google determines a Website’s ranking in search engine results is whether the site in questions provides audiences with relevant, unique value. The question is what exactly gives any kind of content unique value? In a nutshell, unique value is

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