How much should you pay for SEO?

How much should you pay for SEO? The SEO industry is unregulated, which means you get different levels of service, different levels of results and different levels of rates.

SEO Copywriter UK work off low overheads (and we are not greedy!), meaning we can offer great service, better results and sensible rates. You could go cheaper, but you could be doing your own website a dis-service. Here is why.

Once upon a Time

Many years ago, the work of SEO professionals was mostly about changing title tags, building a few links and throwing in the odd tweet or two. At the time, this practise was great. The reality of this ever-changing industry means, however, that today, this simple (and somewhat cheaper) approach will lead to nothing but grief and a loss of search engine rankings, traffic and ultimately revenue.

Today’s SEO Requirements

Continual changes in search engine algorithms; ever higher demands as to what is acceptable in terms of good SEO practise and what is not; rapidly advancing technology and more all combine to make it necessary for professionals to continually update their knowledge; ask, read, test and work to keep up with the latest developments.

The Truth

The truth is, SEO professionals not only provide a slap-happy service anyone with a little IT know-how could provide, but offer a wealth of knowledge that is constantly updated in order to ensure your Website has what it takes to make it in the ‘big wide world’ of the Internet. Keeping this knowledge up-to-date and using the latest in available tools (both in terms of hardware and software) takes time, effort and investment. It subsequently makes it impossible for anyone to offer SEO services ‘on the cheap’.

First Class Service

Let’s face it, a top level brain-surgeon would not offer his services at the going basic wage a student nurse would receive. First rate SEO professionals provide outstanding services based on a fathomless pool of constantly changing, ever increasing knowledge. As such, they can (and should) not be expected to provide their services at ridiculously low rates.

Busting the Myth

The belief that SEO is cheap is a myth, and any individual or company offering such services at incredibly low prices should be approached with care, because chances are that the services they provide at these rates may not quite come up to the standards required by Google and other search engines. While the economy invariably makes it necessary to consider expenses carefully, saving at the wrong place can ultimately be more costly than paying a little more for your SEO and seeing an outstanding Website performance as a result.


We think we meet in the middle of service & results against price. How much should you pay for SEO? Enough to be effective… what’s effective? We are…..