Product Descriptions Writing Service

SEO Copywriter UK provide search engine optimised, unique and compelling product descriptions designed to convert visitors into paying customers.

Product pages are typically the final, critical point within the conversion funnel before consumers embark on the path to the checkout.

What they read about your products at this point ultimately determines whether they will or will not make a purchase. This makes it imperative for descriptions to be informative and compelling.

The importance of a professional Product Descriptions Writing Service


Many retailers use manufacturers’ standard descriptions for products on their pages. While this may seem like a quick and easy solution, it is far from being a wise decision.

Why? Because these descriptions are typically bland, brief and anything but compelling. What’s more, they could also cause your e-commerce site to be penalised by search engines for containing duplicate content.

Similarly, outsourcing your descriptions to writers with little to no conversion copywriting experience all too often results in poorly written descriptions lacking the conversion-ready buzz that is required.


We make sure your products get high search engine rankings AND achieve excellent conversion rates.


We understand the importance of high-quality descriptions in the conversion process.

At SEO Copywriter UK we provide fully search engine optimised product descriptions that are totally unique, informative and compelling – with all the conversion-ready zing you need to secure purchases.

Working in close cooperation with clients, we combine thoroughly researched keywords with available product information to create quality product descriptions designed to both attract visitors to the client’s site and increase their conversion rates.

Once written, these descriptions are submitted to the client for approval. Upon approval, we offer the choice of clients adding the descriptions to their site themselves or having them added by our team.


Highly impressive results at hugely impressive rates.

Talk to us today to discuss your requirements and see how we can help you start achieving first-class conversion rates.