The Importance of Checking your Website’s Backlinks

Whether you have noticed a drop in traffic to your Website or maybe lost your once excellent positions on search engine result pages, chances are these facts are the direct result of Google’s Penguin update.

The fearsome Penguin

In order to stamp out unethical SEO tactics of the past, Google released this dreaded beastie to tackle link building from Web directories, low authority sites and link farms. In short, any links originating from low quality sites can and will now have a negative effect on search rankings. This makes checking your website’s backlinks not only necessary, but vitally important.

About Backlinks

Backlinks are hyperlinks coming into your Web pages from other external Websites. The use of backlinks for SEO purposes was vital (and still is) but the tactic was over used and abused. A stack of links from any old sites would have affected your SEO in a positive way.

The Drawback

Unfortunately, not all sites linking to your posts are necessarily desirable. Low authority and otherwise dubious sites linking to your pages will be detected and subsequently penalised by Google’s Penguin algorithm. This could cost you your previously favourable ranking in search results, traffic and ultimately business.

Backlink Report

Our currently free backlink report will highlight any such detrimental links. We can clean up your link profile effectively. Should the worst have happened and you have been hit with a manual penalty by Google for excessive linking, we can take on the project and get your site back to its normal ranking positions(following, of course, Google’s best practises to do so).

Bottom Line

In short, if you believe your site may have been hit by the Penguin, or even if you are just wondering whether your site’s backlink profile is as healthy as it should be, a professional backlink report and link removal service may not only be just what the SEO doctor ordered, but could ultimately save you substantial losses.

Claim your free backlink report today – with no obligation to take up any recommended services.


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