What is unique content – and how do you produce it?

One of the criteria on which Google determines a Website’s ranking in search engine results is whether the site in questions provides audiences with relevant, unique value. The question is what exactly gives any kind of content unique value?

In a nutshell, unique value is provided by the way the content is presented, what it contains and how it is written. Let’s take a closer look at these factors…


One of the main ways of making content uniquely valuable is to compile and display it in a manner that makes it easily accessible and understandable. Great, easy to navigate site design; visual content of exquisite quality and easy to read and understand written content can combine to make even content that has been seen before totally unique by providing visitors with an ‘I’ve seen this before, but I’ve never really enjoyed/ understood it like this’ experience.

Unique Content

What is unique content? Providing content that simply can not be found anywhere else obviously also provides your audience with unique value. This does not mean providing existing content in a way that is differently presented, written or illustrated from the same information elsewhere, but content that can not be found anywhere else in any way, shape or form. Approaching a topic from a unique angle can make even existing information totally new.

Previously unavailable Information

Imagine, for instance, writing a post for a travel related blog. Rather than just providing highlights of a place to visit (attractions, restaurants, etc), consider ‘scoring’ cities for their number of attractions; entertainment value, walkability, transportation options and so on, instead. You could, for instance, compare the number of attractions to visit in a selection of European capitals and score them accordingly. Any topic can be approached from a myriad of angles, the world really is your oyster here.

Writing Style

Make content unique by applying your very own, personal writing style to it. Different styles of writing appeal to different audiences, and having your own style means your content will provide unique value to your audience by appealing to their sensitivities, emotions and general expectations in a way only your style can. Approach topics from your point of view and stamp your personality all over it to offer unique value even for previously published information to reach readers in places other writers can not dream to explore.