Marketing Automation Software and User Behaviour

Marketing automation software may take some time to set up, but the wealth of user behaviour information you can glean through marketing automation is well worth the effort. Creating user behaviour-based lists and campaigns is among the most valuable data collection strategies marketing automation allows you to implement.

Behaviour Patterns

Determining behaviour patterns allows you to group users into specific interest-based lists. Such patterns may, for example, consist of users:

  • Spending a pre-determined amount of time on specific pages
  • Signing up for newsletters
  • Downloading e-books
  • Watching 75{71129efee9605c221ccef8d00880dcd297bad6bb4085abacbeaa3522093a17f8} or more of a video
  • Exploring more of the site
  • Leaving comments/ asking questions, and so on

You can then use these lists to determine who does what before making a purchase/ using your services and subsequently create and deliver content targeted specifically at any given group within your audience.

Possible Tactics

There are several possible ways of implementing such targeted campaigns. One way is to have dynamic landing pages able to recognise ‘cookied’ users, which will provide extra details on page topics users have approached with particular interest. Another, or additional, option is to adapt content delivery to include, for instance, more detailed lists, videos, images or any other type of content likely to lead specific campaign (user) groups to conversion.

The Bottom Line

Monitoring, analysing and understanding what kind of content leads any particular group of consumers into engaging with your site and becoming paying customers with the help of marketing automation enables you to adjust marketing strategies to target these groups and convert more visitors into loyal customers.